UAE Amiga Emulator - Credits and Thanks
UAE was created by Bernd Schmidt, with the help of a host of volunteer contributors (in random order):
Alessandro Bissacco, Hannu Rummukainen, Andre Beck, Ed Hanway, Denis Sablic, Marcus Sundberg, Samuel Devulder, Stefan Reinauer, Marco Nelissen, Thierry Lescot, Bruno Coste, Oliver Moehrke, Per Olofssen, Tristan Cavelier, Ruben Martinez, Olivier Raoul, Markus Gietzen, Christian Schmitt, Herman ten Brugge, Tauno Taipaleenmaki, Michael Krause, Kai Kollmorgen, Stefan Ropke, Joanne Dow, Rodney Hester, Volker Zota, David Varley, Christian Schmitt, Brian King, Samuel Mackrill, Dirk Vangestel, Thorsten Frueauf, Ernesto Corvi, Gustavo Goedert, Peter Remmers, Tim Gunn, Nemo Pohle, Michael Sontheimer, Christian Bauer, Patrick Hanevold, Ian Stephenson, Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel, Krister Bergman, Manfred Thole, Paul Kienitz, Mathias Ortmann, Peter Teichmann, and hopefully not too many other people I've forgotten (complain if you are missing).

Special thanks go to:
  • Jay Miner, Dale Luck, R.J. Mical and all the other people whose names I don't know who developed the Amiga in the first place.
  • Felix Bardos: For not complaining about how long I haven't returned his HRM.
  • Hetz Ben Hamo sent an email to Commodore asking for permission to give at least an older version of the Kickstart away. Unfortunately, the response was negative.
  • Stefan Reinauer, for hosting this web page after the RWTH decided that it's far too dangerous to let students have their own Web pages
  • Bruno Coste, Ed Hanway, Alessandro Soldo and Marko Nippula provided useful documentation about the Amiga
  • Fabio Ciucci gets the "Best bug reports" award for his help with the blitter line emulation and other problem areas
  • Michael C. Battilana and Cloanto Software, for all their support
  • Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5, for providing several F5 games and a lot of valuable input.
    Factor 5 has made Katakis, one of their classic Amiga games, freely available for download. There are still some good people left in the world...
Check out the CREDITS file of the source distribution of UAE