Download the UAE Amiga Emulator
The latest version of UAE is 0.8.29.
  • For compilation on Unixish systems (this includes BeOS and NextStep), download the experimental source archive (2008/11/30).
    For a list of updates, see the latest ChangeLog.
  • All UAE source code and binaries are available at
  • For a Windows XP/200x version, go to the WinUAE web page.
  • There is also a MacOS X version of UAE available.
  • Richard Drummond created an experimental UAE version based on WinUAE. Go have a look at his E-UAE. E-UAE also works nicely on MacOS X and might be the better choice over MAXUAE.
  • Other versions have been removed here because they are completely out of date or the links stopped working. This includes versions for the following operating systems: DOS, BeOS, Acorn/RiscOS, AmigaOS, OS/2.
    NOTE: If you know the latest authors and/or locations for these, please contact us and we're going to add them again.