UAE Amiga Emulator - Related Links II
Bjørn Lynne, also known as "Dr.Awesome/Crusaders", made a lot of music for the Crusaders demos and music-disks. He released many soundtrack CDs, including one with the music he made for the Team17 Amiga game "Alien Breed 3D" from 1995. Check out Bjørn's homepage.

Amiga Music Preservation (AMP), a non profit association, is running the biggest and most comprehensive database ever about amiga music and amiga musicians. All the composers of the amiga deserve to be remembered and to have their work preserved. We tried all we could on our own but although it's growing all the time, now we seriously need you to help us one way or another.

Netzreport has written a small article about websites that offer old Amiga games ready for emulators legally and free of charge.