Software to run in the UAE Amiga Emulator
Here you find a couple of links to archives containing test software for UAE:
  • If you don't have a Kickstart, or the Kickstart doesn't seem to work, you can have a look at the RSI Megademo (disk 1). (Don't forget to decompress the diskfile).
  • Cloanto Software has licensed the Amiga operating system for distribution together with Amiga emulations. They sell the Amiga Forever package containing legally licensed ROM images and Workbench files as well as various versions of UAE and Fellow.
  • Magnetic Fields, Gremlin, Dark Unicorn Productions and Marc Dawson provided some of their commercial games for download at World of Classics as well as demos and music.
  • Ami Sector One is a great site containing legal Amiga software.
  • The game Katakis by Factor5 is available on their web page. You can find R-Type and BC Kid, too.
  • Amiga In A Box (AIAB) is a workbench distribution for UAE users.
  • AmiKit is another cool distribution for UAE users.
  • AmigaSYS is a pre-installed full Amiga OS for WinUAE, like AIAB. For install, you need a valid KickstartROM 3.0/3.1, and the image file of Workbench and Extras Disk 3.0/3.1.