Useful Software for the UAE Amiga Emulator
There are other pieces of software that can be very useful when used together with UAE.
  • UAE can emulate a Picasso 96 compatible graphics card. OS friendly software can use this to display much better resolutions and color depths than the Amiga custom chip set would allow. To use this feature, you need the Picasso 96 software which is available on the official Picasso 96 home page.
  • ADF Opus is a file management tool for ADF files and hardfiles. It allows you to perform most common tasks (like copying, renaming, deleting, etc.) with your ADFs without having to go anywhere near an emulator. Features include support for all filesystems (including directory-caching) high speed file copying, ability to access real Amiga harddisks and an MDI interface.
  • ADFlib is a portable C library designed to manage Amiga formatted devices like harddisks and ZIP disks, or dump files of this kind of media via the .ADF format. ADF Opus uses ADFLib for it's filesystem access.
  • Brian Wheeler has developed a Perl utility that makes it possible to access files contained in an .adf diskfile. It is available here.