Fake flash!

I’ve heard of the whole Chinese relabeling industry, but in the past I have always been lucky with my eBay purchases. Until this last time.

Harmless looking and the correct part on the picture

I kept ordering a number of times from the same folks on eBay, but it seems that they ran out of genuine AMD 27C400-120s and decided to ship relabeled Toshiba -150 parts instead.

My “Made in Germany” fiber glass pen to the rescue

The large window of the flash parts that were actually delivered was immediately making me suspicious though, and luckily my GERMANY made fiber glass scratching pen found a good use as a detective in this case.

Wait, what? Toshiba?

A few light rubs over the inscription reveals the Toshiba TC574200-150 nature of it all. Reached out to the seller for a refund.

… to be continued …

2 thoughts on “Fake flash!

  1. JK Parts used to be so great. I got burned on an order of 100 from them. It sucks. None of them work too, even if I set up my programmer for the Toshiba.

  2. Got these exact same parts, but from different ali store so i guess they are all over the place.

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